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SmarterSeeds™ In a nutshell: Purer. Better. Smarter. Seeds.

The SmarterSeeds™ Program is an innovation in seed acquisition and supply that allows growers to simply and securely exchange their grain for quality seed with substantially reduced cash outlays. This is irrespective of the ruling market price at time of delivery.
The Smarter-Seeds™ Program promotes the adoption of new wheat and barley varieties and encourages use of new, quality assured, planting seed. Farmers can expect improved seed quality, greater reliability and higher returns.

Why a SmarterSeeds™ Program?

The SmarterSeeds™ Program was developed to combat common seed issues including:

  • Productivity losses from low quality planting seed or inferior varieties.
  • High input costs of planting seed whether purchased or stored on-farm.
  • Seed preservation, handling and storage problems.
  • Access constraints to the best crop genetics.
  • Contamination of seed with other varieties, weeds, pests and diseases.

The SmarterSeeds™ advantage is exchanging your grain for seed, largely irrespective of the depot price.

Associated Grain – Experts in Seed

Since 1955, Associated Grain has successfully assisted Australian farmers with their seed supplies and grain marketing.

We have a wealth of industry knowledge and are the exclusive Queensland agent for the SmarterSeeds™ Program.

Our first-class processing and seed storage facilities are based at multiple locations in Dalby.

What’s in it for Growers?

  • Large cost savings through early orders.
  • Less worry – exchanging seed on volume not price.
  • Low cash outlays to secure access to quality seed.
  • Improved genetic integrity offering higher returns.
  • No on-farm storage, segregation, grading and handling problems.
  • Accelerated access to new varieties with improved yield, quality and disease resistance.
  • Ability to change a nominated variety via Associated Grain’s Variety Flex Option.
  • Guaranteed reliability and peace of mind that’s not available with ‘over the fence’
    traded seed.

How to get access to the exclusive SmarterSeeds™ Program

  1. Lock in your seed requirement by close of business 16 December 2016 through a SmarterSeeds™ transaction. Minimum seed order per variety is 5.0 tonnes.
  2. Associated Grain will contact you during the last week of February 2017 to finalise your treatment and packaging requirements.
  3. At planting time, collect your seed BULK ex-Dalby for a grading, handling and storage charge of just $100 + GST per tonne. Additional charges will apply for preferred seed treatments and pack size options.

Rest assured that you’re in good hands. Should you have any questions regarding the SmarterSeeds™ Program, please do not hesitate to contact us 07 4669 9500 or