Agrocorp International is a global agri commodity trading and processing company specializing in the physical movement of products such as pulses, wheat, rice, oilseeds, sugar, cotton and edible nuts.

The company’s beginnings can be traced back to 1990, where it operated from shared office spaces in Singapore trading mono-sodium glutamate and galvanised iron to Myanmar with a startup capital of SGD25,000.

Today, its grown to having a global presence of 21 offices in 12 countries and customers in over 30 countries. 2017 was a record year for Agrocorp records with trade volumes exceeding 9 million metric tonnes and revenues exceeding US$3 billion.

The processing arm of Agrocorp was launched in 2012 with the build of its flagship plant in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in Canada . It has has now expanded to 4 countries, handling 800,000 metric tonnes of goods across eight plants with the acquisition of Associated Grain.

Over the last 5 years has been one of the largest buyers of Australian chickpeas with their 2017 purchases exceeding 200,000 metric tons. The acquisition of Associated Grain, gives the company a valuable pipeline to access Australian pulses directly from our network of growers.

The company’s owners are Mr. Vijay Iyengar and Mr. Ravi Raghavan.

Mr VijayMr RaviMr. Vijay Iyengar (left) is the founder and the Chairman of the company. Armed with a management style of being open, accessible and inclusive and more than 25 years of multinational experience in commodities trading, he has steered the company into one of the top commodities trading companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Mr. Vijay is currently the Vice President of the Global Pulses Confederation. He was also the former Chairman of the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and the Vice Chairman of the Singapore business federation.

Mr. Ravi Raghavan (right) has over 25 years of experience in the commodities and logistics business. He started off in Agrocorp by handling the trading of the mainly Animal feed. In the late 90’s he took over the shipping department and now the heads the global shipping and logistics team at Agrocorp.

For more information on our owners: www.agrocorp.com.sg